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K S D P Formulation Division has got infrastructure facilities to manufacture Pharmaceutical Formulations in various dosage forms – Tablets, Capsules, Powders, Liquid preparations, Injections Ampoules, Vials & Transfusions, Eye Drops etc.


 Tablets Section  Plain and Coated (Film and Sugar) Tablets could be manufactured in the section by using  modern machinery. 
40 Lakhs Tablets could be produced in 3 Shift Operation.
 Capsule Section We have facility to manufacture Beta Lactam, non Beta Lactam and gelatin capsules.
 Powder Section We have facilities for both ORS and external powder like Prickly Heat powder   “Feeling fresh”  in three  perfumes.
 Liquids Section There are separate area for the manufacture of oral preparations ( Syrup & Mixtures) and External preparations.
 Parenteral Section  We are having the facility to manufacture Ampoules and Vials.
 Repacking We have facility to repack  raw materials, chemicals and liquid items.
 Packing Section  There is facility to pack Tablets & Capsules Products in Bulk (Plastic Container)  and     in  Blister or Strips.